Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Poem two out of 30!

Perfect bliss lies on lovers tongues who are unwilling to do or say anything to make it right by your laws.
Shall he be punished and rightfully so, for has he not sinned against you, his fellow man his lover, scorned betrayed a mad woman, a shell, an excuse for a human.
She unlike any other will turn his advances away and make him pay and hurt the way she has paid and hurt for too long.
I say I shall scream it from the tops of houses that I am free and bare and lonely and I have been taken hostage and for granted.
But I can rise out of his self proclaimed black hole of misery and set fire to all the world and all the world will know my name and fear and wonder in it's sound.

Oh and obviously © Me Beth Detloff

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

1/30 poems

I want to try and update my blog for thirty days straight with some of my recent writing works, just to get myself back in the habit of writing before school starts. I have actually been writing a couple times a week but now I will try and post every day for 30 days something newer.

I am sinking down
the brown gray earth swallowing me
I touch the bare core
and feel myself spit up
a corpse of broken bones and a broken soul.

I am crawling out
of my self dug hole
my bones scrape against dry clay
leaving behind fragments for rememberance
small white pieces of what I worked
so hard to build.

I am kneeling
before the idol gods
praying for deliverance
hoping not to be answered
willing to sacrifice nothing
in return for everything.

Oh and obviously © Me Beth Detloff

Thursday, August 09, 2007


I wrote this in my paper journal a while ago.

Thing I want to do sometime in life:

Sky Dive
Swim with dolphins, but I want to really swim with Sharks but that is harder then dolphins.
Touch actual sea coral reef.

See a Real like Panda

Drink Fresh coconut milk, off the tree
Travel outside of US and Can
Be a published scrapbooker
Get down to a size 9
Go horseback riding
See an ocean sunset and rise
Have been to all 50 states
Run or walk marathon

Write a book

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Did you see it

The pretty pretty thing that was in my garden?

This is about the only bug that does not scare the living day lights out of me! And I was outside enjoying the sun when I saw this pretty b-fly. I had to get some pics.