Sunday, April 27, 2008


Finish the sentence:
Maybe I on my final portfolios
I love the smell of ...lilacs
People say that I'm....really creative
I don't understand....war
When I wake up in the morning....I want to go back to sleep
I lost....a lot of hair
My life is full of ....chores that never end
The Past is....over
I get annoyed when....things don't go my way
Parties if the right people are there
I wish....that summer would last a long time
Cats.....make me sneezey
Dogs.....are the greatest pet ever
Tomorrow.....I have to work and work my butt off.
I have a low tolerance for....pain and dishes
I'm totally terrified of....buggs
I wonder boss will never give me what I deserve
Never in my life....have I been out of N.America.
High school was....a rocking time and would do it again in a heart beat
When I'm nervous....I get gas, and pick my thumbs
One time at a family gathering...plugged the toliet
Take my advice....karma is real
Making My Bed....doesnt happen because I sleep a lot
I almost always....drink coffee in the morning
I'm addicted to....crafts
I want someone to.....offer me a great job

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Friday, March 14, 2008

*Weekend Sale*

Having a fun sale at my etsy shop!

Fun sale this weekend, through monday midnight!

Buy any item from the store ANY ITEM, and get a free half dozen thought magnets!

They won't be the exact colors shown in that pic!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Grocery list of a starving college student

So after I put money in the bank for bills I had about 40 bucks left and I decided to stop to save-a-lot. Just for spaghetti sauce and cereal. Well Save-a-lot has prices that are beyond low, even though the people that shop there are scuz buckets (excluding me).
So this is what I ended up getting all for 26 buck-a-roos mind you:
Bread 1.65
generic oreos 1.19
eggs 1.89
Robin Eggs whoopers 1.49
chocolate frosting .99
cereal 1.89
cereal 1.89
cereal 1.89
jalapeno bites .99
mini egg rolls 1.99
spaghetti suace .99
toaster pastries (pop tarts) 1.89
oat meal 1.79
salsa 2.85
gallon of milk 2.99
muffin mix .49

so for a grand total of 26.86 I can eat for a little while more :D

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sundays are made for this

Art, creating, paper, paint, glue.....

Sundays are totally made for me and my craftiness. I love that I am doing art instead of homework. My hands are totally drying out from touching all this paper and glue OUCH.
Right now I have a flower journal drying, used super glue on my ghost flowers. Seperated all my scrappies and such into usable categories. About to start on the antique vintage star candle holder. I am going to cover it in blue scraps and decoupage it, maybe add some ghost stars.

Keep checking the store.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


This is my favorite candy, it was introduced to me by James' mom. I then introduced it to my dad. My dad and I love it. I used to be able to get the bags at a grocery store 15-20 miles away. All of a sudden they do not carry them anymore...
So I am scrounging money up to buy a case from the actual company. I do not think I can buy them in the US anymore, since the company is Canadian.
My dad asked me to send him a bag, and I wanted to for Valentines, but unfortunatly I won't have enough pennies saved for the 25.00 case and 5.00 shipping. I am getting close with selling stuff in my etsy shoppe. But I am excited to be able to tell my dad I bought him a case! That is 12 bags of clodhoppers!

But buying Clodhoppers for my POP isn't the only reason I started my etsy shoppe. I also want to donate money to
It is from Pedigree, and the money goes towards helping find abandoned and pound dogs homes. I want to adopt so much, but since my one love doggie is such and handful, plus I am not home enough, I want to donate to help doggies that I cannot take home.

I also hope to earn some extra school money. To be less of a financial burden on my out of state rents....