Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Grocery list of a starving college student

So after I put money in the bank for bills I had about 40 bucks left and I decided to stop to save-a-lot. Just for spaghetti sauce and cereal. Well Save-a-lot has prices that are beyond low, even though the people that shop there are scuz buckets (excluding me).
So this is what I ended up getting all for 26 buck-a-roos mind you:
Bread 1.65
generic oreos 1.19
eggs 1.89
Robin Eggs whoopers 1.49
chocolate frosting .99
cereal 1.89
cereal 1.89
cereal 1.89
jalapeno bites .99
mini egg rolls 1.99
spaghetti suace .99
toaster pastries (pop tarts) 1.89
oat meal 1.79
salsa 2.85
gallon of milk 2.99
muffin mix .49

so for a grand total of 26.86 I can eat for a little while more :D

1 comment:

Cassandra said...

Good god beth-- that crap will kill ya! :-)