Thursday, September 20, 2007

Excited for Turkey day.

I cannot wait until Thanksgiving.
I am going to see the Lions play against Green Bay on Thanksgiving Day.
And the best part is the tickets were free! How you ask? Well my work has a commercial ad on a local tv station, I am actually in the commercial it is pretty neat, well anyways the guy who handles our account was talking about schoomzing us and mentioned tickets.
Well the original plan was he was going to give us six tickets for an upcoming game. Well then he calls and I answered at noon and he said he could only get two tickets for the Oct. 21st game, but then mentioned he had Tickets for the Thanksgiving game because he wasn't going to go on the holiday, so of course I said I wanted them.
I called James and he was like HELL YES!!!!! Especially when I told them they were free. So we are both super excited, I am just hoping nothing falls through with these tickets. Man now that we have our hopes up and we have been telling people. I am really excited it will be so fun to scrapbook a less than traditional Thanksgiving!
I need to go shopping for a Lions jersey to wear!!!


Kayla said...

Very cool! (Green Bay will win, by the way! LOL!)

Anonymous said...

That's fantastic, yall are gonna have an awesome time!

Robyn said...

I can borrow you a packers one :)