Monday, October 08, 2007

6 things

What are some things in my house that I could not live without?

1 My candles:
yankee, oil wax, partylite, I love smelly scenty candles. Tea lights wax tarts anything that burns and smells yummy I love. I probably light a candle every day it is a habit now when I am in the basement to light a candle, or two or three....

2 My dog:
Does she count as a thing? I love this little being that gives so much purpose and entertainment in my life. I realize every day without her I would be so so so alone, totally alone, totally alone in a house all night. I am so thankful that she follows me around and when I sit down she has to be on there with me. I am thankful she is excited to go to bed with me and when I wake up I know that by the time I get the coffee brewing she is waiting for her nuggies. I could eat her up my lil cutie pootie puppy-o.

3 My Bed:
I sleep an insane amount, especially recently with my stress and life levels, school and work and everything in between is just dragging me down. I love that for naps and long refreshing sleeps I can go in my bed and it comforts my back pains and it smells like sleepyness. I just could not live without my bed, no others compare.

4 My Directv
I love being able to Veg and watch soapnet all night when I just need to shut my brain off. I like that I have a lot of options and I get to see my fav shoes, nip/tuck, rescue me, scrubs, satc. Stuff I would not be able to see if I didn't have some kind of cable.

5 My coffee table
I never had one until I lived on my own and now I could never live without it. Even though 90% of the time I have it covered with notebooks and mail and coasters it just fits in my living room. I eat at it study at it and when I lay on the couch anything I am doing or eating I can rest on my coffee table and it is right there.

6 My journals
I love writing if I could write all day instead of go to school and work I would. I try to get into the habit of writing every night before bed but that does not always work. I used to have weekly writing meetings with a friend but schedules always conflict. I am loving all my empty journals I have waiting for my thoughts and vents and good bad and ugly poems. I love looking through the stuff I already have written.

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