Friday, October 12, 2007

Movie night...


If I get to see this tonight I will be so happy!

1:44 pm

Brrr It is freezing! It is so cold in my house. I am ok but my dogster is shivering her timbers all day and night. I just went through and closed and locked my windows. But I just don't want to trun on the heat yet. I need a way to warm the house up cheaply....

6:52 pm

Bummed.... can't see resident evil it is at the wrong movie theater. Going to go see cheaper movie the new Die hard.
I caved I turned the heat on, sooo cold in the house and the dog shivering is breaking my heart.
Going to scrap and create this weekend. I might even paint I had some visions today and I might want to get them down on paper.
If I don't update one more time tonight have a good night.

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