Sunday, December 02, 2007

Tidbits learned

I have been sick for the better part of this past week. I have learned many a lesson from my position on the couch.
  • Working while, no matter if it is the sniffles or the flu, just is not fun. Working just makes it 1 million times worse.
  • Running out of Kleenex at the height of the illness feels like the end of the world. But do not be afraid to text anyone and everyone to bring you a box.
  • No one is going to take care of you when you are an adult, and that really sucks. Even your boyfriend of four years won't take care of you.
  • JUICE is essential, have it on hand before getting sick.
  • Don't stop brushing just washed hair just because you are sick, the knots and tangles will be overwhelming when you finally feel like brushing again.
  • Discovery, history, and travel channels can be interesting AND informal, after so many days of garbage on tv.
  • Loss of appetite due to illness does not mean don't eat and maybe you will lose weight, but forcing yourself to get off the couch to eat some crackers is almost not worth the effort.
  • Do laundry the first day you feel sick, because sunday at nine pm when you realize you need pants for work, and the thought of going down the stairs makes you want to throw up, you will have your laundry already done.
  • FINALLY Do not feel guilty for doing absolutely nothing the entire weekend, despite the fact you have nothing done for Christmas, and your exams and final projects are looming. DO NOT FEEL GUILTY!

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Oscar T. Grouch said...

Hope you are feeling better.