Thursday, December 06, 2007

Wake up call SHEESH

One of my neighbors (still unknown) called the police because my garage door went up at 2am.

So an officer and the sherrif cars come. The cop is banging on my door, finally I answer.
Scared me half to death I thought I was going to pass out I was so shaken up.
The cop is like one of your neighbors was worried and called the police and we are just checkin on you.
He just kept saying are you ok and giving me funny looks.
Probably because I am standing in my pjs and its freezing out and well you know hanes white tee-shirts and polka dot pants, my hair is a mess, and my retainer is preventing me from talking correctly.
I didnt know what to do I was like blanking and that is why the cop was like do you want me to close it for you?
I went and looked and closed the garage.
The cop had said they looked around and nothing looked suspicious.
I tried to calm down but I kept shaking and crying and I felt so alone.
The cop sat in my driveway for about 15 minutes.
Finally I just had to go to sleep I had class in the morning, but I am shaking and the dog is shaking and it was not easy to get back to bed at 2:30 am. I still don't know for sure which neighbor called but I am down to the two across from me.

And then tonight, stressed, tired, so so so shaken up still. I broke down.


Kristi *sweet* Sauer said...

Is there something wrong with your garage?? I'd be scared to death to! Wasn't your man around?

Oscar T. Grouch said...

for as scary that was, I am glad that nothing was suspicious. Cops knocking on my door in the middle of the night have always brought death with them. Sorry, hope you feel better.

Nancyroo said...

that is really scary! ((Hug))