Saturday, January 19, 2008

We were meant to live for so much more, have we lost ourselves?

I wanted to take a break from typing up my fiction response paper and just blog it up.
I went grocery shopping today, much needed!
Went with Bucia as always, we have a good time shopping together going slow as possible.

But despite the fact I get annoyed with children and people, I get overheated, the prices are crazy, you can't ever find the thing you have a coupon for.....
I still can't feel extremely lucky. That even as poor as I feel right now I am still able to afford fifty bucks of food. And thanks to coupons it is actually enough to keep me afloat til mid Feb.
I feel extremely lucky because I know there are people that cannot afford even fifty, and they are on food stamps and starving in the world. And I just want to say that I AM GRATEFUL. I truly am because my life may seem hard somedays, but every day I wake up in my warm bed and I get up and know there is clean water and food to eat. Everyday I know that I can take a shower and wash my clothes and turn on lights.
I make enough at my job to pay my bills, and I am extremely lucky in the sense that I have a job and can pay the bills. I rarely have money to get frappacinos, pizza, go to the bar, get new shoes. But really I do not NEED any of that.
I have all I need, a warm house, a car, my wonderful dog, food in the freezer, clean clothes, and utilities.
I read about people and places that just don't have all these things. People who have gotten laid off because the economy in the US sucks, even in Michigan, some 30,000 people have left because of the job situation.
My parents moved to Missouri because of GM, I am living in my house, alone with my dog. I pay for everything on my own.
When my parents send me money it is for the dogs expensive food eye care and grooming.
I pay my bills gas grocery etc.
I am so lucky, I have a life that I am extremely grateful for.


Oscar T. Grouch said...

You are lucky, I am glad that you do have a roof over your head, a pillow to rest your head on, and food to eat. HUGS

Deanna said...

aww, I heart you! a lot of people with years more experience tahn you do not realize any of these things!!! Take care sweetie!! <3